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General and Media Release

I understand that CenTex Christian Homeschool is not a program, class, or school, and CenTex Christian Homeschool in no way assumes any responsibility for my children. I understand that as a parent, I am responsible for the safety, well-being, and behavior of my children at all times, including CenTex Christian Homeschool meetings, field trips, and other activities.

I understand that is never appropriate to drop my child off at a CenTex Christian Homeschool event without pre-arranging for my child's specific supervision, which will not be provided by the leaders of any CenTex Christian Homeschool event. lf arrangements are made for a non-parent to supervise a child, this arrangement is privately between the parents of the children and the person asked to supervise the children, and bears no relationship to CenTex Christian Homeschool or its leaders or members. CenTex Christian Homeschool may require the presence of a parent or legal guardian during certain CenTex Christian Homeschool-sponsored events.

Because I retain full responsibility for my child under all circumstances, I release CenTex Christian Homeschool, its leaders, and its members from any and all liability for injury or harm of any kind to my children.

We understand that photos will be taken at field trips and other association events, and that these photos may include our family members when present.  We give our permission for these photos of our family members to be posted on the private (login required) side of the association's website and on the association's private (membership required) Facebook page.  If we have a situation that makes it prudent to limit the sharing of photos of our family, we will (1) communicate this to the association in writing, and (2) make an effort to situate our family so that photos that do not include us may be taken of the event.